Laser Tag Arena

Adrenaline City

Imagine that you and your combat platoon are dropped into action deep inside the jungle that surrounds an Aztec ruin. Your mission is to tag the enemy, destroy the enemy's base and rack up as many points as possible. Only then will you conquer the Lost City!

Our Lost City Tag features a two-story arena covering more than 6,200 sq.ft. of playing area. We have so many game modes to choose from that you'll never have the same experience twice!  Put on a pack, grab a phaser, and weave through the maze of obstacles, black lights and fog but whatever you do, don't get hit!  We offer game packages for birthday parties, corporate events, church groups - or almost every other group of people.

Safety Guidelines

  • The vests need to fit on the child
  • If your child is scared of the dark this might not be the best attraction for them to play


money iconAll-Access Passes
Monday - Thursday: $14.95
Friday - Sunday: $18.45


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